About Us

3C Consultancy is a management consultant company specialized in providing professional consultancy and training services to organizations on various human resources and administration management systems in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

We work closely with well-known certification bodies in Hong Kong to provide cost-effective services to our clients, and a wide range of management consultancy options delivered directly to individual company.

YOU SAVE with 3C Consultancy as we optimise cost and resources for your organisation.

How we can help you?

1. Setting the strategic direction.
2. Designing the Human Resources Management System.
3. Planning the total workforce.
4. Generating the required human resources fumction/system.
5. Investing in human resources development and performance.
6. Assessing, sustaining & improving organisational competence and performance.

Why HR consultancy?
Corporate Professional Social

HRM can help an enterprise in the following ways:

• Attracting talent through effective HRP.
• Developing necessary skills & attitude with training.
• Securing cooperation through motivation.
• Retaining talent through the right policies.
• Cost saving.

HRM helps improve quality of work life and contributes to grow in the following ways:

• Opportunities for personal development.
• Motivating work environment.
• Proper allocation of work.
• Healthy relationships between individuals & groups.

Society benefits from good HRM in many ways:

• Good employment opportunities.
• Development of human capital.
• Generation of income & consumption.
• Better lifestyles.